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Top Up

Scalp Micropigmentation

Top Up Scalp Micropigmentation

So, having had the symptoms of male pattern baldness, be that a receding hairline or crown, you are no stranger to the effects of DHT on the follicles around the frontal part of the scalp and the vertex.

Furthermore, you have taken the excellent discussion already to get SMP Congratulations, aN excellent choice indeed!

However, as time passed, you feel that your SMP does not look as good as it did when your initial treatment was completed and healed. Don’t worry, as topping up an existing SMP treatment is a natural part of the treatment lifecycle.

Refreshing Scalp Micropigmentation will enable the colour to be revitaized, to ensure the treatment looks its best, and allow for new dot placement to keep up with changes to the natural, existing hair.

Another reason for enhancing current SMP is correction work. Clients may be unhappy with previous work carried out by other technicians and come into the clinic asking us to correct this work bringing the existing work in line with their expectations.

Often refreshing and existing SMP Treatment can be completed in one session. The length of which will depend on just how much work is required. We will confirm this during your consultation. Refreshed, up-to-date colour matched SMP in one session. What not love?

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Tattoo Hairline In Wigan
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Tattoo Hairline Wigan
Top Up SMP

Top Up Scalp Micropigmentation


Refreshed and revitalized colour

Additional density, to keep up with changes on existing natural hair

We can correct and or enhance existing work carried out at another clinic

After Only 1 Session:

Refreshed and reinvigorated SMP

Treatment brought in line with changes to existing hair

Rebecca Brown carries out all Scalp Micropigmentation Treatments here at Perfect SMP. Rebecca is an Award-Winning Micropigmentation Technician with 13 years of experience in the industry.


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