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Female Scalp Micropigmentation

Female Scalp Micropigmentation

Female Scalp Micropigmentation

For anyone, hair loss can be upsetting and can impact a person’s confidence and how they feel about themselves. We find that this is particularly true of our female clients. So often, our female clients tell us they lack confidence and are unsure how to remedy their hair loss.

Female Hair Loss can occur for a variety of reasons. These reasons could include genetic predisposition, stress, or reaction to medical treatments. However, we commonly find that our clients are distressed by Female Hair Loss, whatever the reason.

Female Hair Loss can be present in different ways. For example, individuals may find their hair becoming progressively thinner over time or may have clumps of hair or bald patches on the scalp. Furthermore, hair loss can sometimes, be sudden and total.

Whilst distressing, Female Hair Loss is common. According to the NHS, some estimates suggest that circa 40% of women over 70 have experienced hair loss to some degree.

How can Perfect SMP Help?

The good news is there is an effective non-surgical solution for Female Hair Loss that doesn’t cost the earth and is going to allow them to feel better about how they look.

Working in much the same way as our Density SMP service. Colour, tones and dot placement are matched to existing hair, giving an amazing natural look.


Female Scalp Micropigmentation

Female Scalp Micropigmentation

    Colour matched to existing hair

    Dots expertly placed for maximum density/coverage

    No invasive surgery

    3/4 sessions later:

    Thicker, healthier looking hair with the appearance of added volume

    Freedom to style your hair as you once did

    Improved self-confidence

    Rebecca Brown carries out all Scalp Micropigmentation Treatments here at Perfect SMP. Rebecca is an Award-Winning Micropigmentation Technician with 13 years of experience in the industry.

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