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Full Head Scalp Micropigmentation

Full Head Scalp Micropigmentaion
Full Head Scalp Micropigmentation
Full Head Scalp Micropigmentation

Full Head Scalp Micropigmentation

Male Pattern Baldness can be a profoundly personal, frustrating, and sometimes distressing issue.

My personal experience of Male Pattern Baldness has been gainned by oberving my partners hair loss. First losing his hair at the frontal region of the scalp, resulting in a receding hairline. Then, as the years drew on, his hair at the crown started to thin out, resulting in a balding crown. Frustratingly for him, hair around the sides remained thick and strong as ever – a constant reminder of what once was and what could have been!

This was classic male pattern baldness at play. Hair follicles around the crown and hairline are incredibly vulnerable to DHT, the culprit behind Male Pattern Baldness, whereas hair around the sides is not.

Full Head SMP is one of our most sought after treatments. It’s popular with clients of all ages who visit the clinic looking a solution to their hair loss.

Often we find this is because our clients feel they may be too young to have lost their hair, or maybe they want to boost their self-esteem. Often clients report that after deciding to shave their hair, they are still unhappy and want an effective way to restore their hair.

With a complete head treatment, we can create the appearance of a full head of shaved hair, complete with a fully restored natural looking hairline. Clients are delighted when they see themselves in the mirror with their newly restored natural-looking hairline.

The dot placement will be done with utmost precision, care and the correct colour tone will be selected, ensuring a natural look that blends in with existing hair.

calp Micropigmentation In Manchester
Tattoo Hairline In Wigan

Full Head Scalp Micropigmentation

Hairline mapped out in line with goals

Colours matched to existing hair

Dot placement blended into existing hair

Density built up each session

4 sessions later:

Fully restored natural hairline blended in with existing hair

More youthful appearance

Natural looking full head of shaved hair

Looking great on photos

Hair Tattoo Before & After Wigan
Tattoo Hairline Wigan

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