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Hair Micropigmentation


Hair Micropigmentation 

Hair Micropigmentation is a fantastic non-surgical hair restoration treatment. It’s non-invasive in nature and does not require much in the way of maintenance, making it a convenient and excellent choice. Hair Micropigmentation is a complete solution for hair loss that gives excellent value for money.

Another fantastic benefit to Hair Micropigmentation is that results can be seen from the first session….think about that a newly restored hairline after just one session!

We can restore a scalp that has gone entirely bald and fully restore a natural looking hairline using specialist hairline mapping techniques.

Scalp Micropigmentation
Scalp Micropigmentation
Scalp Micropigmentation
Scalp Micropigmentation

Hair Micropigmentation – How does it work?

Simply put, Hair Micropigmentation creates the illusion of hair. Whether that be a full head of shaved hair or density work to create the appearance of a thicker, fuller head of hair with more volume.

The effect is achieved by using state of the art equipment, pigments and skill, allowing for ultra-precise dot placement and the correct use of colour to blend in with existing scalp, hair & facial features. Giving the client a natural look that complements them.

Years Of Micropigmentation Experience

Hair Micropigmentation – Why choose us?

We offer all the services and benefits that we believe a good clinic should.

  • We provide a private & respectful environment for all clients
  • We provide a safe clinical setting for all our treatments
  • We create natural results that complement our client’s existing features
  • We have a background in fine art and have extremely high levels of manual dexterity (essential for precision dot placement)
  • The consultation is with the technician, carrying out the treatment, no discussions with pushy clinic salespeople

However, we believe what sets us apart is that we are Award-Winning Micropigmentation experts who have provided Micropigmentation services to men & women for over a decade.

Over that time, we have learned how different skin types, features, ages and ethnicities can affect how the treatments should be performed and how the finished product will look. This seems simple, but it can only be gained over years of experience.

We believe combining our knowledge with high-quality equipment, pigment and dedication to high-class results are what sets us apart from our competition.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

SMP – Client Reviews

Scalp Micropigmentation Preston
I’m really pleased with how my hair looks now. I’m happy with the hairline, as I feel it’s just right for me. It’s natural and not harsh like a Lego head! I thought Rebecca was very professional, and the clinic was very hygienic.
Scalp Micropigmentation Warrington
Rebecca’s work with Scalp Micropigmentation is simply amazing. I feel so much more confident knowing that my hair looks fuller and the bald patches on my scalp are no longer visible. This has restored my confidence, and I am very grateful.
Scalp Micropigmentation Bolton
“I recently had the SMP treatment done by Rebecca. The service and price could not have been better and I’m over the moon with the results. If anyone is looking to get SMP done I couldn’t recommend Rebecca highly enough”